FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Early Childhood Center?
An Early Childhood Center is a public resource to private management (provided by non-profit organizations) working with children with difficulties and their families.

Is there more Early Childhood Centers in Valencia?
Yes. A network of centers in Valencia and Valencia County. In our website, documentation and resources> You can see a list of the centers and phone numbers.

Does it cost a Early Childhood Center?
As discussed above, the Centers for Early Intervention (CATs) depend Regional Ministry and a non-profit (associations, trusts, foundations, universities, associations, municipalities ...). Thus each entity makes a contribution to the family served. This contribution is only a small percentage of which is the treatment as it is the Ministry of Welfare which finances most of the treatment. The CUDAP has been free for all families until January 2013. After a cut in the overall budget of the Centre, the University of Valencia through its social council decides that families served by the center make a contribution of 60 euros a month and a single payment of 100 euros by way of opening the file.In 2016 the new government sent a circular to all schools in which he explains that the CATs must return to free of charge  for all families.
What is the timetable  of the CUDAP?
The time intervention with children and families is mainly in the morning (9:00 to 14:30), also working two evenings a week (Tuesday and Thursday from 15.30 to 18.30).

What should I do to apply for a place?
To apply for a place in our center you should call CUDAP (96393799) and make a request through our management. Then the coordinator will contact with you.

Which is the treatment in a Early Childhood Center?

Generally the first thing we do is an assessment of the child and his family to see the difficulties and strengths. From there it will be consensual and intervention.

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