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Through this programme the UPD tries to establish and configure positive action measures and to warrant the integration and equal rights of PDI and PAS with disabilities, as well as to facilitate the elimination of the obstacles that can be problematic for their full incorporation in the university life.

Actions that are frequently carried out are the following:

  • Information and personalized advice for teachers PDI and PAS
  • Needs and usefulness assessment of the requested demands.
  • Issuing reports to the appropriate university authorities
  • Informing the competent authorities of the UV about detected needs.
  • Coordination with public and private entities, if it is appropriate, to provide the necessary measures to warrant full autonomy and equal opportunities.

Involved Services

  • PDI/PAS Human Resources Services
  • Unitat per a la Integració de Persones amb Discapacitat (UPD).
  • Prevention and Environment Service.


The University of Valencia, through Regulation of Measures for the Integration of teaching and research staff, which was approved by the Governing Council on 28 March 2013 (ACGUV 40/2013), replacing the previous one dated on 31 October 2007, tries to promote several measures to warrant the integration and equal rights of PDI with disabilities

If you have obtained a disability certificate equal or higher to 33% or an equivalent one issued by an official institution, then you can request their benefits.

Aid Levels

  • Financial support for teaching career.  It is aimed at the acquisition of supporting products and/or for expenses derived from hiring supporting personnel. Applicants must fill a form and provide the required additional documentation. Applications will be resolved according to the gravity of the cases and the budgetary availability.
  • Support for teaching. It concerns the scope of teaching roles and includes the reduction of credits. You can find the application form at this link. The following dates must be considered:

When the reduction is requested for the whole academic year, the deadline is on 30 April of the previous academic year.

When the reduction is requested for the second semester, the deadline is on 30 September.

The application form must be submitted through general register with the supporting documentation, including a sworn statement of not carrying out any other activity related to teaching, except the designated in the UV.

The reduction will be granted for the whole academic year or for the requested semester. A new application form will have to be submitted for successive courses, but new documentation will not be necessary unless there has been a variation in the health status.

Evaluation committee decision

An Evaluation Committee has been appointed by the UV with the purpose of evaluating and reporting on the suitability of every personal project that is presented. This committee is convened when the necessity arises, depending on the period and needs detected.

If you have any doubts or questions you can address in person the Human Resources Services (also by e-mail to, or the Unitat per a la Integració de Persones amb Discapacitat  (also by e-mail to


The UPD offers advice when people with a disability require any kind of adaptation for the proper development of their work

Various types of assistance are established to compensate for the disadvantages and difficulties that arise in the development of the functions of each post of the Administration and Services Staff (PAS), thus tending towards personal development and the enhancement of relations with the work environment.

Aid Levels

Support helpd concerning to the scope of work, previous assessment of the needs of each user:

  • Adaptation of the workplace and work environment according to the needs of their disability situation. Accessible spaces.
  • Adaptive and support measures for the development of their activity, reasonable adjustments of the tasks to make them compatible with their difficulties.
  • Evaluation of the use of specific support products that facilitate the development of their professional activity

If you have any doubts or questions you can address in person the Human Resources Services (also by e-mail to, or the Unitat per a la Integració de Persones amb Discapacitat  (also by e-mail to

The measures envisaged will be acquired by the unit or department on which the requesting person depends.

Application form and working day reductions:

The Universitat de València applies the Decree 175/2006, which regulates the working conditions of the staff in the service of the Council’s Administration, in order to manage working day reductions.

These reductions (established in articles 7 and 8 of Decree 175/2006) may be requested by staff with a disability, for conciliation of work and family life of public employees, as well as due to a chronic illness suffered by them or by members of their family.

These reductions may generate an economic reduction or not depending on the situations mentioned in article 7 of the Decree.

Application form for working day reduction must be requested and processed directly in the Human Resources Service of the UV. In this link you can find both the types of documentation and the model form:

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