Awareness, Training and Volunteering

Curso de lengua de signos en la UV

The University community should be aware of the practical standards that facilitate coexistence and communication between different people. The University should spread these standards and raise awareness for their understanding, acceptance and usage.

Within this program disability-related activities are promoted and developed, such as information, training, counselling and spreading the disability, which is directed to the whole of the university community, as well as to institutions, associations, foundations … of the public or private area.

On the other hand this program has voluntary activities, where, student volunteers collaborate with the UPD giving support to the students with disabilities in different acts which contribute to raising awareness within the rest of the University community about the needs of students/persons with disabilities.

If you are interested in being a university volunteer, please complete the attached registration form and press send.

Main awareness actions

Campaña sensibilización de multas
  • We carry out campaigns of awareness, as a way of "Drawing attention”; they are addressed to the whole university community, focusing on aspects that need to be improved (inappropriate use of reserved parking, priority of using certain installations: elevators, chairs, toilets, etc.)

  • Spreading news and Information, official announcement for aid, scholarships and/or interesting events. 

  • Contact with various organizations, associations, foundations and other agents, in order to normalize the university life of people with disabilities.

Principal actions of formation

Acceso al ascensor de un alumno con silla de ruedas
  • Participation and Development in various training activities,  such as: courses, seminars, workshops ... about the circumstances surrounding the daily life of people with disabilities, with emphasis on the university area.
  • Collaboration in the cultural weeks of the faculties and university schools, by means of carrying out courses, round table discussion workshops ... all of those subjects associated with the matter of disability, referring to positive attitudes in the human relations.

  • Training student volunteers on basic notions of disability, such as how to use products of support and how to adapt academic material. Delivery of the corresponding certificate for their collaboration.

Principal actions on the students volunteer 

  • Academic Support: The volunteers provide support to the disabled university student, making adjustments of materials (Braille and relief, Scanning books, subtitling videotapes, etc) and taking notes, by means of passbook copies and digital pens that are provided by the UPD.
  • Personal Support: they do tasks of accompanying inside the university campus (libraries, cafeteria school, reprography …).
  • Tasks of Awareness(Sensitization): they distribute informative material, such as symbolic fines, take part in Campaigns, Congress, Conference, Cultural Weeks …

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