Psycho- educational assessment

On the one hand, in this program students with disabilities are informed about the current rules in the UV, such as: fee exemption, fee seat, residence, final dates of calls for exams as well as scholarships, training courses, internships/training, etc.

On the other hand, specific educational needs are evaluated through an individual interview and a suitable curricular adaptation for his/her disability is suggested to the student.

Throughout the process  educational and/or vocational counselling personal advising  is carried out directed  towards the decision-making process of the student about his/her studies in the University.

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AsesoramientoThe most common queries that we receive refer to the rules of the UV in relation to students with disabilities, which was approved on July 6, 2010 ACGUV, such as:

  • The reservation of 5% of places for accessing a university degree.
  • Exemption from fees: registration, transcripts, issuance of qualification/degree, official masters, doctorate, etc.
  • Schedule adaptation by previous assessment and / or report of the UPD
  • Curricular adaptation, such as: Additional time, different possibilities of doing the exams: oral or test exams… previous assessment and / or report of the UPD
Information is also provided about :


Tecnic Assestment to studentStudents with disabilities can ask for counseling to suit their routines and timetable in the activities of teaching and learning about the following:

Schedule Planing Study strategies

  • Choice of number of credits and optional subjects.
  • Evaluation
  • Guidance in choosing practices.
  • Vocational guidance

Both PDI and the PAS are assessed on the student´s needs concerning methodology, adaptations, personal resources and  support materials

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Timming evaluationAssessments carried out are aimed at determining which curricular adaptations are necessary for students depending on their disability for example:

  • Teaching methodology 
  • Type of examination
  • Use of additional time.
  • Font size.
  • Use of support products, etc.

After this assessment, a technical report is issued to a technical specialist in each case, stating, adaptations and resources required.

If it is felt that a student needs technical and / or personal support, then he is directed to the Equal Opportunities program which manages the resources available.

Date of submission of request for transmission of information to the teacher:
First semester: Before November 30.
Second term: Before April 30.


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