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La Rioja

UNESCO Chair  "Democratic Citizenship and Cultural Freedom" This Chair aims to become a center of international excellence in the field of human rights and cultural freedoms. An institutional vision that has been working through the search for synergies and collaboration with institutions of higher education, public and private centers of research, public authorities, the private sector and civil society.
The Chair aims to be recognized for the quality of its teaching and research, essential foundation of a deserved international credibility in the field of human rights products.
To make the corporate vision, it has formulated an internationalization strategy which incorporates the design of new programs and actions, giving priority to cooperation between the northern and southern hemispheres and regions with greater sensitivity in the field of human rights: Africa and South America.
The Chair has participated in a dozen international projects, through programs and calls supranational promoted by European bodies such as the European Commission or the Council of Europe


Ana María Vega Gutiérrez

Updated in February 20156

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